Australian Avionics to Hawker Pacific Avionics


Australian Avionics has been a wholly owned Hawker Pacific Group company for over 10 years, and have continued to trade on the good name and reputation of this longstanding business.

With Hawker Pacific extending into more international markets, and in order to reduce confusion with our international clients, the decision has been taken that Australian Avionics will change its trading name to Hawker Pacific Avionics. This will more closely align with the Hawker Pacific Brand.

The new name and logo, as you will see, is not a major change – merely the deletion of the word “Australian” and other than that it will be business as usual.    See below;

HP Avionics Logo

All regulatory and legal arrangements will be completed to ensure that existing approvals and OEM support agreements make a seamless transition.

Our Banking Details remain unchanged as do all our telephone contacts at the Hawker Pacific Facility location at Cairns.  You may notice in the future that some email addresses may change from to However, both email domain names will be operating concurrently for some time to come. There will also be no change to our current trading arrangements.

We trust that advance notice of this minor change will alleviate any confusion that may have arisen. Should you have any queries regarding this new branding, please do not hesitate to contact either of the undersigned.

Hawker Pacific Avionics looks forward to continuing as we always have done in providing dependable support to you. You can rest assured the company will strive to build on the current high standard professionalism and efficiency well into the future.


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