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Hawker Pacific Avionics Instrument and Autopilot Services and Support

Hawker Pacific Avionics’ world class┬áInstrument and Autopilot Workshop has a wide range of repair and test equipment including RJ80 Schenck Rotor Balancer, Laminar Flow Bench and Digital Airdata Test Set, which enables us to handle repairs and servicing on all types of aircraft instrumentation.

Our repair capability includes:

  • Engine Instrumentation – Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing
  • Gyroscopic Instruments – Remote Gyro Systems, Attitude/Directional Indicators
  • Autopilot
  • Pitot/Static Instruments
  • Remote Compass Systems

Hawker Pacific Avionics are Factory Authorised Repair Facilities for;

  • Mid Continent Instruments and Avionics
  • L-3 Communications Gyro’s
  • Aerosonic Instruments
  • Ametek Instruments
  • Honeywell / Bendix King

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