Hawker Pacific Avionics has installed ABS-B capable avionics in many aircraft – from GA aircraft and helicopters up to Bombardier, ATR and Embraer regional airliners. Contact us today 

New Zealand customers – now it’s your turn to meet the ADS-B deadline, please contact us today via the above link to get your ADS-B quotation

How it works:

ADS-B technology broadcasts an aircraft’s call-sign, position, altitude, velocity and other data, twice every second. This enables aircraft to be accurately tracked by air traffic controllers and other pilots without the need for conventional radar.



Automatic – Requires no pilot input or external interrogation.

Dependant – Depends on accurate position and velocity data from the aircraft’s navigation system (eg. GPS).

Surveillance – Provides aircraft position, altitude, velocity, and other surveillance data to facilities that require the information.

Broadcast – Information is continually broadcast for monitoring by appropriately equipped ground stations or aircraft.

Check out Airservices Australia’s explanatory video here:


  • Significantly improved surveillance coverage across the continent
  • ADS-B has enabled more aircraft to operate safely in the same volume of airspace
  • An increased likelihood of obtaining preferred levels/altitudes
  • Improved incident, emergency and search and rescue response
  • Improves the ability of air traffic control to provide navigation assistance during abnormal situations such as loss of position
  • Improved situational awareness when using ADS-B ‘in’
  • Ability for ground staff/family/friends to track aircraft through freely available software
  • Cost effective solution for whole of industry
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